What age to quit night fishing??

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Mesajde RobertStandley » 20 Iul 2018 18:11


Have posted this topic under the foreign section which might not be the correct 1, but Stuart if you want to move this to the main section, no problem!!So my question is when do you guys think you will carry on seriously carp fishing to? In my own experience, which is long, perhaps too long, I am thinking of quitting i.e fishing, not running a fishery. It is everybodies dream to run a fishery, but from a selfish point of view, the pleasure of catching your own xxx diminishes. A lot of guys come to France to fulfil their dream, operate their own fishery, xxx occasionally when they want and how they want, with hindsight probably the right way to do things!
I am at a stage where I feel that I might be too old to night xxx and feel I have lost the appetite that I used to have for carp fishing especially to catch my own babies! Given the choice, I think that I would prefer to xxx another venue and catch any sized carp (20 to whatever) than catch my own!! Having just spent six weeks (not fishing every night though) and having had a few xxx, 3 40's and some smaller ones, the same feeling of satisfaction as in the past era was not there!! This season, a guy of 69 celebrated his 70th birthday at my lake and I thought, wonderful, perhaps I will be still night fishing when I am at his age, but I have lost the buzz (a little)! So back to the topic question, what age to quit fishing, or at least stop night fishing??

Please help.

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